Artist Statement

Repetition comes up in my work a lot. This is partly the nature of my favorite medium, textiles and fibers, but is also linked to my experiences being OCD and autistic, in which repetition of thoughts, speech, or actions is a frequent symptom and behavior. I am also a survivor of multiple kinds of abuse, and maladaptive daydreaming has been a common coping mechanism for me. This is reflected in my work, which is often surreal, engaging, and creates an environment and visual-kinetic experience.


I often make personal and autobiographical works. For me, the art is inseparable from the artist. My art reflects on my experiences and perceptions of existing in this mental and physical state and the environments I have moved through.


Some of my works are not entirely conceptual, just objects that exist for the sake of bringing joy.

©2018 Kimberly Anne / High Fiber Designs.